Making application

Professional Services

Make Websites into application

We would make all kind of website such as shopping mall, Company’s website into application

OUR function


Check the app connection

The app connection verification function on the web

Push Photo Attachment

Support Alarm Service

Social Login

Web-implemented social login support for normal operation

Commercial push notification

Support for reception setting function

P.G Payment Function

Normal Operationo of P.G Payment function in the website

Verify Application Version

You are able to application’s version on the website

Logation . Navigation Bar

Basic Application

Push Arrival URL

If you touch it, it's a specific URL movement setting function would be operated

Logation . Navigation Bar

Normal Support

QR Code

Support for native QR code recognition web view function

Support individual push notification

Support Individual push and group push

Support Web-View Popup window

Social login and SNS sharing function are working normally

every app possible

Able to create any kind of app

Social login options

Social login options using Google. Facebook and Apple accounts

Gender selection function

Both of Male and Female

Membership Join Logic

Get free coins by first registration service

Buy an in-app

Purchase in-app for coin purchase (video chat using coin)

Alternative videos and profiles

If there is no real user on the platform, show alternative videos and profiles

Photo upload function

jpg, png, gif upload function

User report function

Illegal and ungentlemanly behavior. Report users

Delete my account function

Function of Edit and delete accounts

Virtual user

Create a real and virtual user

Profile editing function

Edit profile images, emails, and information

every app possible

Provide a manager pannel

"All apps can be converted into profitable"

Ave Dream