Our understanding of visas

Our company agrees with a professional administrator optimized for immigration-related tasks in Korea to proceed with the work

Work progress notification service

After the first contract, we will inform the customer of the plan, document preparation, and progress through SNS and e-mail to relieve the frustration


We will never disappoint you by doing our best until the end and taking responsibility until the end to issue visas for each customer


Even after issuing a visa, we will inform you of how to enter the country and how to live in Korea, and consult you to cope with any situation

korea visa SERVICE


Basic common documents for visa issuance

Basic common documents for visa issuance

1. passport
2. Photo
3. Certificate of passport issuance (Thai Embassy)
4. Criminal record certificate (Thailand Police Station)
5. ID Card
6. Certificate of residence
7. application for visa issuance
Business information

Tasks content

Information on the issuance and preparation of documents according to the issuance of various visas

Notarization and translation information of each document

Explanation and guidance based on an overall understanding of visa issuance

Appointment of an administrative officer. Help to apply for a visa by attaching it to the document after filling out the senior account

Guidance and help on proof of income

Information on invitees

Acquisition and issuance of a Korean certificate with additional additional points for visa issuance

Information about Korean Online Letucres Etc

좌우로 움직여서 내용을 확인 하십시오.

Short-term visits tourism. Professional Job Non-Professional Job Overseas Korean residences Studying abroad and language training
Visa Waiver (B-1) Short term emplyment (C-4) Manufacturing (E-9-1) Overseas Residence Korean (him/herself) (F-4-11) Association Degree (D-2-1)
Refular non-Visa (B-2-1) Recruiting (D-10-1) Construction Industry (E-9-2) Family of Oversea residence (F-4-12) (F-4-12) Study Abroad for Bachelor Degree (D-2-2)
Jeju Non-Visa (B-2-2) Technology start-up activities (D-10-2) Agriculture (E-9-3) DE-related for more than 6 months (F-4-13) Master Degree (D-2-3)
Short term General (C-3-1) university professor (E-1) Fishing (E-9-4) Graduate from College (F-4-14) Study Abroad for Doctoral Degree (D-2-4)
Group tour (C-3-2) General Conversation Instructor (E-2-1) Service Industry (E-9-5) OECD Permanent Residenct (F-4-15) Study Abroad for research (D-2-5)
Normal Commercial (C-3-4) School assistant teacher (E-2-2) Airworthiness crew (E-10-1) Corporate representative (F-4-16) Exchange Students (D-2-6)
Short-term commercialization of agreements (C-3-5) FTA English (E-2-9) Fishing Crew (E-10-2) $100,000 Entrepreneur (F-4-17) Training at a university-affiliated language academy (D-4-1) (D-4-1)
Short Term Commercialization (C-3-6) Research (E-3) Cruiser (E-10-3) Multinational corporation (F-4-18) training
Visit Koreans (C-3-8) Technical Educate (E-4) Assistance to diplomatic housing Assistance (F-1-21) Korean-American group representative (F-4-19) Culture and arts (D-1)
Normal Tour Visa (C-3-9) Professional Job (E-5) High cost Housing Assistance (F-1-22) Public officials (F-4-20) Directly overseas (D-3-11)
Tourism employment (H-1) Art & Entertainment (E-6-1) High Tech Housing Assistance (F-1-23) Education (F-4-21) Technology export (D-3-12)
Pure transfer (C-3-10) Hotel & Entertainment (E-6-2) Professional Housing Assistance (F-1-24) 60 years more older (F-4-25) Plant Export (D-3-13)
Family visits & cohabitation Sport (E-6-3) Investment Visit Recruitment Other institutional training (D-4-2)
Diplomatic cohabitation (F-1-3) Specific activities (E-7-1) Investment in a corporation (D-8-1) Visit Family and Recruitment (H-2-1) Korean cooking training (D-4-5)
Korean spouse (F-1-9) FTA independence (E-7-91) Venture company (D-8-2) Study Abroad and Recruitment (H-2-2) Private institution training (D-4-6)
Parents of international students (F-1-13) Specific abilities (F-5-11) Private corporate investment (D-8-3) Draw lots Recruitment (H-2-5) Sojourning Employee
National Children (F-2-2) Trade management Technology start-up (D-8-4) Expiration Recruitment (H-2-7) Foreign Company (D-7-1)
Permanent Residence Family (F-2-3) Trade-specific transaction (D-9-1) Transferring to FTA (D-8-91) Treatment and care Domestic Company (D-7-2)
Accompany (F-3-1) Export Facility (D-9-2) high Amount Investment (F-5-5) Medical tourism (C-3-3) Transferring to FTA (D-7-91)
Diplomacy & public affairs Vessel equipment (D-9-3) Report & Religion Treatment and care  (G-1-10) FTA Contract (D-7-92)
Diplomacy (A-1) Business for profit (D-9-4) Temporary report (C-1) Marriage Immigration
Public Affairs (A-2) Report (D-5) spouse (F-6-1)
Religion (D-6) Child support (F-6-2)