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Establishment of a company, opening a bank account, and license. We help you with all the administrative tasks in Thailand, including taxes.

Thailand Visa Service


General Visa

General Visa

Courtesy Visa

Visa for those who perform public affairs, such as UN officials, diplomats, and public officials

PR Visa

5 years after marriage with a Thai / 3 consecutive years after visa extension

Transit Visa

Temporary stay and sightseeing for transit purposes

Tourist Visa

Tourism single visa / Tourism multiple visa
You can stay up to 60 days/Able to extend 30 days for the first visa


Non-Immigrant Visa








Business practice, business conference, teacher


Participating in seminars, participating in conferences, purpose of research, and studying Buddhist scriptures by monks


Military work, government work


Investment in ministries related to the Thai government







Film production, reporter

Family visits, social welfare organizations, medical care, treatment, legal witnesses, sports coaches

Retirement Visa

선교, 종교 활동

Conduct Researches

Attend to Sport Event

Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa

Many people who want to travel to Thailand are curious about tourist visas
The Thai tourist visa is a visa that tourists who legally want to stay in Thailand for more than 30 days, divided into a single tourist visa and a multiple tourist visa, and the first tourist visa can stay for 60 days and be extended by 30 days
Korea has a visa agreement with Thailand, so Koreans visiting Thailand can able to stay in Thailand without visa for 90 days
So, if you visit Thailand for general travel purposes, you can stay in Thailand for up to 90 days without preparing a separate visa

work visa

Working Visa

A work visa is a visa that allows you to legally get a job at a Thai corporation and work
In order to obtain a work visa, documents of a company that has already been established in Thailand must be prepared
After entering Thailand with a three-month Non-B visa, you must apply for a work permit and get it issued
Work permit is a certificate that can legally work in Thailand and is valid for one year and must be renewed every year

Preparation documents for a Thai corporation Preparation documents for employment documents
Employment permit English resume
Employment contract
(over 45,000 baht)
English resident registration copy
Invitation letter English final certificate of graduation
Business license Passport/ Copy of passport
A certified copy of the register English balance certificate (10,000 baht or more)
Certificate of corporate tax payment Certificate of residence in Thailand
Certificate of VAT. Payment Flight Ticket
The half-sized picture
student visa

Student Visa

This is a visa for those who want to study in Thailand.

A total of three times after obtaining a one-year student visa is possible, and the period would be up to a maximum of three years

The visa must be extended every 90 days after obtaining the student visa.

If you have obtained a one-year student visa, you must extend your visa three more times after entering the country with your first visa

School preparation documents Student preparation documents
Admission form issued by a Thai government agency Passport / passport copy – expiration date of 6 months more
Admission form issued by Thai school English resident registration copy
Permission to establish a school Visa Application
Permission to appoint the principal Proof of parents' income
Class Enrollment Document English balance certificate (10,000 baht or more)
Certificate of residence in Thailand
Flight Ticket
Passport Photo
Other Documents if required
family visa

Family Visa

In the case of a family visa, it can be divided into a Guardian visa that can be issued as a guardian of a student studying abroad and a companion visa that a family members working in Thailand to stay in Thailand
Guardian Visa requires a school invitation, a child's passport, and a copy of the visa, and other documents are the same as student preparation documents
In the case of a companion visa, a certificate of employment, passport, and visa copy of the family working in Thailand are required Also you can apply with necessary documents such as the applicant's passport and family relationship certificate

student visa

Retirement Visa

More and more people are applying for Thai retirement visas for a comfortable and stable retirement
When you enter Thailand with a retirement visa, you have to change your first 90-day visa to a one-year visa
Visit the immigration office in the area where you are currently living and changed to a one-year visa. Then you have to report that ou are residing in the country to the immigration office every 90 days
After the one-year visa, you can prepare the documents again and extend them by one year

Requirements for applying for a retirement visa Required Documents
Over 50 years old Visa Application in English
Criminal Record in both of Korea and Thailand X Personal records
Refusal to enter Thailand since 1979 X Passport with an expiration date of 18 months or more
Residence Address in Korea O English balance certificate
Disease prohibited in Thailand.X Passport Photo
can't get a job in Thailand English health certificate
Bank balance is over 850,000 baht
(about more than 35 million won)
English crime record fact certificate
English resume
Certificate for health insurance in Thailand
We actively support all tasks from the establishment of a company in Thailand to extending visa issuance